Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Buy Simply Susan Godfrey's store!!!

Hey all! I am popping in to let you all know of a great deal from a designer I CT for. She's selling her whole store for $25!! Which means you get all of her kits that are there now plus any she releases between now and Nov 6th!!! It's a good deal.. I CT for her and even I'd go get in on it if I could!

Click on the ad below to be taken to her store..

If clicking ad does not work, please copy/paste the following url:

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Heh that's just the name of the kit I used for the two layouts I made today. This kit has loads of pink and black - which is awesome for me since I love both those colors. It's a nice (bright) break from the red kick I have been on with my tags. Not that I won't still use plenty red if I feel like it, it was just a nice change and the kit was fun to use.

As mentione the kit is called Whatever and it's by Ariana's Kreations. It's a PTU kit and is available for purchase here: Digiscrapbooking.ch

Hallosweet blog

Words are soooo not working for me today, that's what happens when your dog wakes you up too early, I guess. I am managing to create and play in psp so it's not all bad.. Anyway I'm sure you want me to get to the point of this post and I should do so before I ramble too much.. Okay, here goes - I have a blog layout to share - woot! I made this with an awesome halloween kit from HezaScraps, called Hallosweet. The kit is available for purchase at Treasured Scraps.
Here is a preview of the layout:

You can download the layout here:

Monday, September 21, 2009


I have yet another layout for your viewing pleasure. In this one I tried to capture the theme of imagination, which went well with both the kit and pictures of my son outside playing.. the only 'toy' he had was a stick he'd picked up in the yard..

The kit I used for this is called Imagine that by The Urban Fairy, it is a PTU kit, available at OSDS in full and tagger sizes. She also has a sampler freebie for the kit on her blog: http://homeoftheurbanfairy.blogspot.com/
I recommend checking it out :)

Here is the layout I made with this kit.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dancing with Daddy

...aaaannd I made another layout with some more of my wedding pictures. This is me dancing with my father.. it was a very special moment.. I made this layout with a kit called 'Tayton' from HK Designs. The kit is just gorgeous... it was wonderful for making a layout with these pictures. The elements were perfect and I had alot of fun making this.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happily ever after

I made another layout today.. yes I know you must be shocked since I don't make them often - lol! Anyway.. My wedding and pictures of my son are truly my favorite things to scrap.. It's hard to decide which one I enjoy using more - the only reason I make more layouts with my wedding at this moment is because I need a new scanner.

I made this layout with a kit called 'Love is in the air' by Totally Twisted Scraps. It's a very pretty kit and as you might be able to tell from the name, quite nice to scrap my wedding and anything 'love'.
Kit is available for purchace here: Love is in the Air

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2 more layouts :)

Seriously.. anyone want a beagle? Sorry my dog was being a pain, now he's sleeping.. grr argh! lol. Alright here are two layouts I made on the 14th. I made both layouts with the same kit, it's a great one for the kids and for those first day of school pics. It's called Back 2 School from Cora's Creations. You can find her kits at Sophisti-Scraps.

This first page surprised me because I -hate- orange! But I created this page with a bunch of it and I like how it came out. The elements in this kit were fun - love the chalk :)

On this second layout I tried out some different elements and papers. I also experiemented with layering the string over and under the frame. and of course I used pictures of Mikey for both :

Sweet Dreams

The first layout I am going to post is one I made on the 13th, I got it up into my galleries but never got it posted here. That was the night I was scrapping away and then looked at the clock and went 'oh crap!' (oops) I tend to do that alot, being a night owl and all but on that night I needed to sleep since I had plans the next day with Rick's mom and grammie.

I made this layout using a kit called "Symphony" by Kiki Halbert at Scrapbook-Elements.com. The papers in this kit are really neat, a couple of them gave me the feel of being in a dream which is how I came up with the idea of using pictures of Mikey sleeping for the layout. There are lots of cool elements as you can see some of them in this layout. I tried to do something different rather than just a picture in a frame with this one. I like to try different things, sometimes they turn out really good and sometimes they don't. I think this one turned out pretty neat! Once I get my scanner hooked up, I will definitely want to make more layouts with this kit so I can use more of what is in it.
Scrap kit: Symphony by Kiki Halbert at Scrapbook-Elements.com

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ready to spook

I made a layout with a kit called Spooky Hollow from Gemini Creationz. It was just perfect for this picture of Mikey. The shirt he just had to have when we went school shopping. He also approved of this layout - thought it was cool.

Kit can be purchased here: http://www.geminicreationzs.com/Shop/

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I made a new layout today, yup with some more wedding pics.. actually these are from pre-wedding, while they were attempting to make me pretty :) The kit I used for this one is simply gorgeous.. it was so easy to use to create such a pretty page. I am eager to use this one more - I think I'm in love with a kit lol! I have ideas.. dangit :) So the kit is called Beginings and is from HK Designs. ( http://www.justdigilightful.com/shoppe/ )
and here is the layout...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Layouts :)

I have two new layouts I did tonight Both were made using the same kit. For the first I used some of my wedding pics, and for the second I used a picture of my ‘boys’.

Scrap kit: Adoration by Gemini Creations

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cupid Caught QPs

I was able to CT another kit today from The Urban Fairy, The kit is called Cupid Caught and is available for purchase at OSDS. I fell in love with the word art from the start and that's what pulled me in. The colors are beautiful, appropriately in shades of pink and red. I scrapped some of my wedding pictures and made the layouts into quickpages to share with y'all.

Hosted on Fotki

Hosted on Fotki

You can download both quick pages here: CC Quicks.

Cupid Caught CT stuff

I was able to CT another kit today from The Urban Fairy, this is one of her older kits and she was like 'remember it's an older kit'.. Well let me say it's fantastic! In my humble opinion. I fell in love with the word art from the start and that's what pulled me in. The colors are beautiful, appropriately in shades of pink and red. The frames and elements are great, there were two frames that I just totally love. I used them in both of the layouts I made, I usually try to use different ones but these were too perfect not to use again. I scrapped some of my wedding pictures and these frames had just the right touch for them. The kit is called Cupid Caught and is available for purchase at OSDS.

You can download both quick pages here: CC Quicks.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I played with A Fae For All Seasons some more today, this is the kit I used for my tut last night and I fell in love with the colors. So I decided I needed to do some more with it, and I did.. I made two layouts. The first one is a blog layout which I have used on my tutorial blog. http://lovelytrippntuts.blogspot.com/

And this second one is one with a couple of my pics, I was just messing around with the kit to see what different things could be done with it. I prefer kits which are versatile and can be used for many different projects. This kit is definitely on that list :)

Layout by: Lovely Creations
Scrapkit: A Fae For All Seasons by Oopsie Daisy.
The kit can be purchased HERE